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225 Kid Outdoor Games – the best outdoor game ideas for kids aged 2-16

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All in one app for parents, grand-parents, teachers, kindergarden, birthdays and all other events for children aged 2-16.

225 Kid Outdoor Games – innovative games your kid has never heard of from exotic countries all over the world. Play from a selection of the 225 best kids outdoor games worldwide that don’t need any equipment.

No similar app in the app store, yet! Explore hundreds of fun games for kids designed to foster interest in other cultures and child’s development. The app includes games for all ages: toddlers, pre-school kids and school kids up to young teenagers!

Unique games to be played inside or outside, with or without materials. The duration of 3-15 minutes allows kids to try different games at an event. Convert a short break into a real adventure!

225 Kid Outdoor Games is great playing fun offering the following features:

- 225 well researched games from 83 countries assembled in clickable world map
- Lovingly designed app
- Coverflow of all the 225 games
- Sophisticated search function for main criteria
- Easy-to-understand rules
- Games grouped according to age groups from toddler to school kid
- Duration: 3-15 minutes
- Detailed description of every game
- Valuable evaluation function
- Bookmarks and playground
- Mailing function to share with friends and other (grand-)parents
- Additional infos on many games, e.g. similar games from other countries
- Highlight for kids: Shake it-function for fun selection of a randon game to play
- Add own games to the app
- Languages: English & Spanish

Open your kids’ minds by playing one of 225 games from all over the world. Create curiosity for different cultures and have your kids spend a great time with all of their friends. Help your kid develop important personal values such as tolerance, comradeship and creativity.

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Recommended ages: 3-6,6-10,10+

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